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Traditional Funerals

A traditional, or "full-service" funeral includes a viewing/visitation and ceremony, as well as burial. This is the most common type of package chosen and can be customized to suit our clients' needs, including elements such as prayer, eulogy, music and celebration of life. After the celebration, the body is transported to the grave site and buried; many families choose to participate in a post-burial reception to reflect upon the day's events.

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Cremation Services

In addition to traditional funeral services, we offer both full-service and direct cremations at our funeral home. A full-service cremation is not unlike a traditional funeral, in that the body is typically embalmed for a viewing or visitation. Instead of burial, however, the body is then cremated and the ashes placed in a vessel called an 'urn.' Direct cremation is an inexpensive option that is growing in popularity, where the body is cremated shortly after death as opposed to being embalmed for viewing.

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No one enjoys discussing planning for end-of-life events. The fact is, however, pre-planning is an important part of life and taking responsibility, yet many people don't know where to start. Putting together a plan doesn't have to be as scary or confusing as you might think, however, and our staff can help assist you with what can sometimes be a complex planning process.

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Memorial Service

Many people ask us what the difference is between a funeral and a memorial service. In general terms, a memorial service is the same as a funeral service, except the body of the deceased is not present. While memorial services typically happen soon after the person's death, they may occur weeks or even months in the future given the fact that there are no time constraints concerning a body.

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Veteran's Service

In some cases, veterans are eligible for special military honors, including the folding of the flag, taps, and color guard. We are proud to be able to assist military families of honorably discharged veterans in the preparation of funeral and memorial services. Our team will do our best to honor special requests, as well as answer any questions you may have.

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Grief Support

Losing a loved one can be incredibly challenging, particularly for those who have never experienced loss in the past. Our team understands the complexities of grief and loss, and we strive to offer comfort to our clients and their families in the form of grief support. Navigating loss is a process that takes time; we aim to provide resources that help aid our clients in their journey while offering emotional support for grieving families as well.

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Want to Send Flowers?

Allow us to take care of your expression of sympathy by connecting you to one of our trusted local florists.